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Elcos CIM-137/4G Controle paneel

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- 4G modem
- Realized to be mounted either in a panel or on its bracket (optional).
- Digital instruments (hour-meter, oil pressure gauge, water or oil thermometer, timer, pump water pressure gauge, fuel level indicator, tachometer, battery voltmeter).
- Adjust engine speed through the actuator (on request) maintaining constant the pressure of the irrigation system.
- Controls the flow of water in the pipe.
- Motor pump failure automatic monitoring (low oil pressure, over-temperature, belt breakage, minimum fuel level, available A1, low diesel fuel pressure, low coolant level, insufficient pump water pressure, pump water overpressure).
- Remote control (start and stop).
- Clock for programming the start and stop of the machine.
- Acceleration and deceleration automatically adjusted upon starting and stopping of the pump.
- Frost protection and pressure boost functions.
- Possible models with SAE J1939 CANBus connection for FPT, John Deere and JCB engines. (for CIM-130 only)
- Battery and oil lights.
- Pump protection exclusion.
- Accompanied by an electronic transmitter of water pressure.
- Equipped with a built-in GSM modem for full remote control.


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Elcos Antenne magnetisch 4G


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