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BAUER couplings - The seal with a watertight reputation

The transportation of liquids from point A to point B is an age-old activity. Roughly 80 years ago, it was once again Rudolf Bauer who set new standards for the connection of mobile pipes with his globally patented BAUER-HK quick connection mechanism. Continued developmental steps led to extremely light pipes of high-strength, hot-dip galvanized steel. Together with a comprehensive, internally developed fittings selection, BAUER today offers a complete pipe-system, even for the most demanding applications.

The system is appreciated around the world, such as in the Australian mining industry, the construction and food products industries of America and naturally in all agricultural applications around the world, especially in Europe.


  • Fast - A complete system quickly installed, even in the dark. No tools – no loose parts.
  • Flexibility - With up to 30° articulation on coupling joint. Suction and pressure-proof, providing excellent flexibility of installation, ideal for difficult site conditions.
  • Strong and durable - Produced from high-grade high-tensile steel, abrasion-resistant hot-dip galvanisation according to DIN 50976 – also stainless steel option.
  • Safe - Suction and pressure-proof up to 20 bar with all types of media, subject to suitable seal material options.
  • Heat resistance - Resists up to 110 °C with special seals.
  • Tensile resistance - Suction and pressure-proof while subject to tensile stress.
  • Versatile - Suitable for handling all types of products: hot dip galvanised or stainless steel product range. Special coatings on application.
  • Security - With special locking pin system option.

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