Sime Company has been working in the irrigation since 1950 and specialized only in sprinkler equipment.

This specialization, together with the most advanced machine tools, allow us to manufactures a wide range of sprinklers and rainguns of very high technological level at the best prices.

We are pleased to present our regular customers, and anyone else who has an irrigation problem to solve, our line of sprinklers : a range of agricultural equipment that has been perfected and improved so that we are able to meet the pressing demands of modern agriculture.

The “classic” turbine sprinklers of our range have evolved through an exhaustive programme of careful selective testing, thereby reaching an extremely high level of perfection: this means that these sprinklers now enjoy that universal acclaim that is reserved  for all state-of–the-art  equipment.

At the side of our “classic” models we also have a partly new series of oscillating arm type models. Although these have largely drawn from traditional designs, they represent a considerable improvement in quality with respect to the other existing models because of the careful choice of materials used, the extreme rationality of the mechanism, and the precision of all moving parts.

Irrigationparts is supplier for the wide range of the Sime sprinklers. Irrigationparts also has the know how of these products and a wide range of spare parts on stock for all Sime sprinklers.

The Sime sprinklers can be used in different industries like, Agriculture, Landscape, Dustcontrol, industrie, mining and many more.

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