Our IRRIGAMATIC range of computers dedicated to the management of irrigation reels are supplied to the major manufacturers of these machines worldwide.

We produce electronic equipment for the control and management of agricultural machines such as monitors for precision sowing machines, electronic controls for cereal sowing machines, rotary balers, etc. 

MaterMacc was established in the early 1980's and, as of January 2015, has become part of the Foton LovoI International Heavy Industry Group. This important step outlines a move forward in the internationalization strategy of the company, which is particularly attentive to the enhancement of the technological skills and excellence of Italian companies in the mechanical field and particularly in agricultural engineering.

MaterMacc researches, designs, builds,develops, assembles and tests every one of its products. The same applies to its electronic equipment. The production of the various components is entrusted to companies with greater qualifications and specialisation in the relevant sectors. This enables MaterMacc to respond rapidly and appropriately to the ever-growing demands of modern agriculture.

Irrigamatic produces Electronic control systems for hose reel irrigators and motorpump units. The actual line of control systems is Irrigamatic B1, Irrigamatic B2, Irrigamatic EVO, Irrigamatic EVO4  and the motormatic controlsystem. Irrigationparts supplies all the controlsystems and also the components like by-pass valves, electronic reduction motors, speedsensors and valves.

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