Elcos S.r.l. designs and produces manual and automatic switchboards, control units, remote monitoring systems, battery chargers, water heaters, oil sump heaters and other components 

For use on generating sets, on irrigation motor pumps, on fire-protection motor pumps (compliant with the EN 12845 standard) and other applications of industrial diesel motors such as motor welders and motor compressors.

In more than 50 years of activity, a wide range of solutions have been developed, all designed and built internally, but always in close collaboration with customers, who are offered a consultancy service that gives advice on the right product for each application, as well as a comprehensive after-sales service.

The quality, reliability, innovation and simplicity of Elcos products, together with the speed and efficiency of the service, have helped build ELCOS's business, not just in Italy but internationally.

The current workforce, made up of creative and skilled young people, gives us the confidence to successfully continue working together with customers for a long time to come, for a future as long as our past.

Irrigationparts supplies all Irrigation related products as the motor pump control units like the Elcos CEM serie, Elcos CIM serie, Elcos DIM serie and all components like, sensors, dieselstop electric valves, diesel stop solenoids, protection probes, linear actuators and water pressure switches.

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