Irrigationparts is providing the Komet products, spareparts and service for these products.

Komet is a family business. We inherited the values that are the foundation of our relationships from the company’s founder Roland Drechsel, our father. For us, the order of the day is honesty, respect and trust.

We believe that in today’s world, rather than inventing new promises, it is far more important to respect, uphold and build on the customer promises that our company was founded on. In addition to providing the highest quality irrigation equipment, we want to make sure our customers have water application products that operate at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn will help to limit the waste of our natural resources.

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers. This gives us the opportunity to understand their needs, analyze how our products are meeting those needs, and to continue to improve. We believe in what we do, and are passionate about how we do it.

Komet is well known from the Komet Big Volume Sprinklers as the Komet Twin guns and they recently released Komet Twin Ultra guns in different sizes as the Twin 101 Ultra, Twin 140 Ultra, Twin 160 Ultra and the Twin 202 Ultra. The newest solution on the Komet Twin Ultra guns is the electronic timer. These guns are also available in a vari angle model.

Komet is also providing a lot of new products for the Pivot irrigation industry.  Recently Komet has launched the Komet precision twister KPT, Komet precision spray KPS, and the Komet precision regulator KPR. All sprinklers are available with different deflectors, part circle, and accessories.

Komet is also active in dust control for industrial applications and sprinklers for Turf.

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