The idea to develop a solution that can monitor and control agricultural irrigation machines was born in 2011. Farmers we interviewed about this idea were enthusiastic. This encouraged us to venture into the complex and cost-intensive development of this completely new product.

After completion of the development, raindancer was able to celebrate steadily growing sales success. Today, raindancer is the company's most important product and is successfully marketed beyond the borders of Germany. 

The development is not completed, however, and together with our customers we are constantly developing new ideas to cover even more irrigation needs.

Irrigation Monitoring via GPS and App

Using raindancer is very easy and it is available for every irrigation machine. Regardless if it is old or brand-new. It can be mounted on hose reels, pivots and linear machines.

Using the raindancer GPS system, you are able to monitor and control the irrigation from your smartphone or PC. You get real time information at a glance.

Optional: Sector Control

The angles are set automatically according to field shape or obstacles and readjusted at any time.

Save time

No unnecessary trips just to look if everything is fine with your machinery.

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